Switchboards, Rewiring & Safety Switches

Safety Inspection

We can conduct a safety inspection of your current house wiring and switch box. As many residents are unaware that their wiring may not be up to date with the current standards. We can help keep you and your family safe, not to mention, one of your most expensive assets safe, your home.


We can repair, upgrade or install your Switchboard to help your home keep up with all the modern technology requirements and increased power loads, keeping your home safe.



Home Rewiring


Don't put your family at risk. Older wiring in your home can be a fire or electrocution risk. An EAG Electrician can conduct an assessment of your property and perform any repairs or replace your wiring to a safe working standard. 

We provide certificate of safety for any rewiring work conducted on your property for your peace of mind. Call us today!

Safety Switches

Safety switches help save lives by detecting power imbalances that could result in electrocution by shutting off the power supply. Keep your family & friends safe and have EAG professionally install a safety switch today.

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